Bistecca's 'Ballsy Italian' #1 Red Wine Six-Pack

Italian wine can be a bit of a mystery, even to those with years of experience.

Twenty different regions, hundreds of grape varieties and labelling that could best be described as opaque hardly make things easier. Styles run the spectrum from light and aromatic to rich and full-bodied, but there is little to indicate which wines fall into which category.

Sometimes you just want a big, gutsy red without having to do hours of research - that is the reason behind this selection.

"All of these wines, while of different styles and from different regions, meet my definition of a ‘ballsy’ red wine - full-bodied, upfront and generous." - Greg Burley, Bistecca Sommellier

If your experience of Italian wine is a bit of a lucky dip, this selection will restore your faith and leave you keen to try more.

Wines Included:

2 x 2016 Fabiana Calidus Primitivo Di Manduria
2 x 2016 Nuraghe Crabioni ‘Sussinku’ Sardegna
2 x 2017 Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso

Your wine will come in a Bistecca gift pack. Because you're worth it.

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