Bistecca's 'Chianti Clan' #1 Red Wine Six-Pack

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The Colline del Chianti is the name given to the hilly region of Tuscany around Siena and Florence, and is the ancient home of the Sangiovese grape. The wines from this region, with their firm tannins and bright acidity, are a natural partner to Bistecca's main reason for existing - the bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Traditionally wines labelled as Chianti were required to contain a blend of grapes, often with up to 15% white grapes in the mix. Beginning in the 1970’s winemakers began to reduce the number of white grapes used, and in 1995 the requirement was dropped altogether, leading to improvements in quality and flourishing of individual wines expressive of the land from which they came.

"Chianti often brings to mind images of old straw-covered bottles in cheap and cheerful Italian restaurants - my aim in putting this selection together was to dispel this notion entirely. The three wines in this selection offer a window into the versatility of Sangiovese from this region, from the traditional earthiness of Chianti Classico to the more fruit-driven style of Maremma and the richness of Montalcino". - Greg Burley.

Modern Chianti is a wine of both power and elegance; the wines featured here serve as a wonderful introduction to all that Chianti has to offer.

Wines Included:

2 x 2017 Rocca Di Montegrossi Chianti Classico
2 x 2015 Il Civettaio Maremma Sangiovese
2 x 2016 Casanova Di Neri IR Rosso

Your wine will come in a Bistecca gift pack. Because you're worth it.

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