Campari 700ml

Campari is arguably the world's most popular bitter spirit and for good reason, its long history of existence has seen in transcend in all serves and styles around the world but all comes back to one amazing recipe that is so undeniably Campari. A perfect balance of sweet and bitter orange, it is a staple of any bar. 

Fun fact: Campari is older than Italy?!! In 1860, Gaspare Campari founded his drink 30 miles west of Milan. This company's foundation predated the unification of Italy by a decade. 

Why We Love It

Bitter generates appetite in the body and aides in digestion, we love Campari because most importantly it is so synonymous with the start of feasting and it's blood red colour is so unmistakable, bitter drinking is for the refined palate and is utterly delicious contrasted with food. 

Serving Suggestion

The Campari and Soda is undeniably one of the world's great aperitifs, effortlessly simple and excites the body for a succulent Chinese meal. Alternatively a Shakerato is a simple shaken drink that is in every way the essence of Camprai.


60ml Campari

Shake it within an inch of its life before straining into a chilled coupette, garnish with an orange twist and consume with purpose. 

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